Haven’t you wished you started learning French or other foreign language when you were a child? Allow your child to experience this enormously beneficial activity.

Learning a new language is much easier for children than for adults. Young ears perceive the nuances of sounds; and children’s tongues get smoothly accustomed to pronouncing foreign phonemes, which lead to speaking the language perfectly and without an accent.

Apart from linguistic benefits, the cognitive abilities of children learning a foreign language are increased. Their future study and work options are multiplied, travels to other countries bring more unique experiences and learning other languages becomes easier!

Our French for Children program provides an opportunity for children of the Sunshine Coast to be introduced to and be lead on the road of discovery of the French language and culture. Our enthusiastic teachers will keep the students engaged by employing a unique blend of fun interactive activities, while maintaining the objective to develop confidence in oral and written French language skills.

TERM 1 starts Thursday 27th January - 3.50pm at the Nambour Community Centre

Please read our Terms and Conditions before enrolling your child in a class/course.

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T1, 2022 Kids Class

Children Standard Course

This class takes place every Thursday from 3.45pm to 4.40pm 

Learn to speak, read and write French with fun activities, story books and projects.

The course structure for term 1
  • First Part: Textbook activities
  • Second Part: Stories/ Songs and interaction.

Nambour Community Centre
Address: 2 Shearer Street, Nambour QLD 4560

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Our Mission

The Alliance Française de la Sunshine Coast is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting French language, culture, literature and history on the Sunshine Coast of Australia and to encourage French-Australian cultural exchange and friendship.

The Alliance Française de la Sunshine Coast provides the opportunity for friends of French language and culture to come together in a very welcoming, non-political and non-religious environment.

Our Committee

The AFSC committee is composed of enthusiastic local Francophiles happy to bring their skills and experience to offer a range of services and events to the Sunshine Coast community.

We also encourage volunteers to join us in order to help out at events.

If you are interested in becoming involved with your Alliance, please contact us.

Un grand MERCI à tous nos Sponsors!


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