Terms And Conditions

Enrolment Terms & Conditions – Including Cancellation and Refunds

By paying fees to the Alliance Francaise de la Sunshine Coast, you confirm that you have read, understood and that you accept the Terms and Conditions below for  Classroom Courses and for Skype Lessons.

1. Classroom Courses

2. Skype Lessons


  1. All our online French lessons are delivered online through Skype or Zoom with a ‘live’ teacher as 1:1 (private tuition)
  2. To take our Skype/Zoom  lessons, you need: a computer, a broadband or a good wireless connection, a microphone, and a webcam. See instructions below:

Using Skype to learn French on skype with AFSC:

3. Our Skype lessons are customized to specific needs of students.

B.Our teachers

  1. If your schedule is irregular, you might have to work with 2 or more teachers.


  1. All lessons must be scheduled in advance, with the day, time and duration of lesson already set.
  2. If you have frequent business trips, irregular working hours or simply cannot commit to a fixed schedule, we can accommodate you. In this case we might have to assign 2 teachers on your program.


  1. We cannot commence your lessons until we have received a proof of payment from you.

F.Payment Methods,

  1. We prefer payment by Paypal (including Visa and MasterCard via Paypal) or Bank Transfer. Payments by cheque can also be arranged.

G.Cancellation/Postponement of class

  1. For any cancellation/rescheduling, you must inform your teacher 48 hours in advance by email, sms or phone.
  2. If this is done on the same day the class is scheduled, you will be charged 100% for that class.
  3. You can only reschedule 10% of the scheduled classes with two-day notification.

H.Lateness & Absence

  1. If you don’t show up at the scheduled time, your teacher will send you a sms after 10min and wait on skype for 20 min. If you don’t appear, the teacher will then send you an “Absence without notice” email.
  2. If you are late, your teacher will still finish at the scheduled time.

I.Refund Policy

  1. Purchased Skype lessons that are not used within 6 months from the start date cannot be redeemed.
  2. Purchased Skype lessons are neither refundable nor transferable.

Our mission

The Alliance Française de la Sunshine Coast is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting French language, culture, literature and history on the Sunshine Coast of Australia and to encourage French-Australian cultural exchange and friendship.

The Alliance Française de la Sunshine Coast provides the opportunity for friends of French language and culture to come together in a very welcoming, non-political and non-religious environment.

Our Committee

The AFSC committee is composed of enthusiastic local Francophiles happy to bring their skills and experience to offer a range of services and events to the Sunshine Coast community.

We also encourage volunteers to join us in order to help out at events.

If you are interested in becoming involved with your Alliance, please contact us.

Our Community

Our members make our Alliance great. We meet twice a month to celebrate the love for all things French : 1st Saturday of the month at the Loose Goose in Twin Waters. 3rd Saturday of the month at la Maison du Pâtissier at Meridan Plains.

We bring you the French Film Festival each year (April- June) and we celebrate La Galette des Rois, Bastille Day and le Beaujolais Nouveau throughout the year.

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